Lecture by Prof. Steve Horvath on the epigenetic clock of ageing

Prof. Steve Horvath of the University of California, Los Angeles, was invited by Jerome Mertens, Frank Edenhofer (both Institute of Molecular Biology, University Innsbruck) and VASCage CSO Stefan Kiechl to give a lecture on ’DNA methylation-based biomarkers and the epigenetic clock theory of ageing’ in Innsbruck.

Steve Horvath’s discovery of the epigenetic clock has attracted broad attention amongst scientists and also the general public. It was a great opportunity for the audience to discuss his latest findings.

DNA methylation-based biomarkers of aging known collectively as epigenetic clock can be used to measure the age of any human tissue, cell type, or fluid that contains DNA. DNA methylation age captures aspects of biological age, e.g. it predicts lifespan and healthspan in large scale epidemiological studies.