Publication on post-stroke dysphagia

A new publication from Michaela Trapl-Grundschober of Paracelsus Medical University together with Simon Sollereder from the VASCage Division for Rehabilitation & Recovery unveils insights from stroke nurses on managing medication delivery for post-stroke dysphagia , emphasizing the need for precise protocols. With a focus on patient safety, this study prompts crucial discussions in stroke care.

Stroke is the second-leading cause of death worldwide and the third-leading cause of severe disability in old age. Since up to 75% of patients initially suffer from dysphagia, special attention and care regarding oral intake of food, liquids and medication are needed. Solid medication delivery and management are currently based on traditional methods that lack evidence-based support. The study has been one of the first attempts to thoroughly examine the handling of oral medication intake in stroke-induced dysphagia from the nurses’ perspective. It is an important contribution towards evidence-based guidance to manage solid medication intake in patients after stroke. Evidence-based research is the hallmark of the VASCage Rehabilitation & Recovery Division.

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